Recently, I asked my friends and colleagues to help me define my strengths. Some of my top strengths include my deep understanding of the food service industry, persistence, and excellent communication skills. Included in their comments:

“Robin is the consummate professional with exceptional client focus and incredible talent!  Her immense knowledge of food trends combined with her artful descriptions allows her to create impactful client pieces.”  Marty Reynolds, Sr. Director, TreeHouse Foods

“Robin understands the financial side of the products she represents. She is very knowledgeable of the industry, and helps implement understanding detailed programs. She empowers others. She is very professional, detail oriented, motivated and motivating. She can identify problems and the resources that are needed to solve them.” Catherine S

“Robin is a leader and team player, I want to thank her for leading our team to success.” BN

“Robin is persistent, and follow-up and follow through is Robin’s path.” DL

“Robin is extremely flexible in taking on new assignments and successfully managing them through completion.” CR

“Robin is a problem solver, a go-getter and persistent… More than anyone else I know, she gets an idea and dives head first into what needs to be done to complete the project.” Matt David

“Robin is smart, articulate, positive and supportive.” Melinda Schlemmer

“Robin is well-spoken, optimistic, very funny.” Tracy Mero

“Robin is social, and can get along with and understand anyone’s needs… she will do whatever it takes to get the job done.” Sarah Jane

“Robin is a leader and team player, great with strategic and tactical planning, and successful sales execution.” NM

“Robin has a great sense of humor and will get along with anyone.” OD