Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?

The solution that we found to help our dog slow his eating is the Puzzle Bowl, which has a puzzle formation built in. The bowl’s shape forces the dog to slow their eating pace and search for the next bite.

Celebrity Dog Dies — RIP Boo


Celebrity Dog Boo … the adorable Pomeranian who, together with his brother Buddy, became an Internet sensation — died in his sleep last week, his humans posted on Facebook.

WHAT is That Doggie in the Window?


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, colors and hair length. There is that perfect one for everyone! Come with us to learn more about dog breeds.

Compassion at the Animal Shelter


The dog pound is also known as an animal shelter. It is a place where animals who are lost, abandoned or surrendered regularly end up at. They are mostly run by the city or county municipalities, but there are also numerous private non-profit and rescue groups.